Custom Designed for Your Application

FRP SYSTEMS designs, fabricates and installs all of its products, offering customers the highest quality products and services . Please review the products we specialize in below:

Butt & Strap Joints

Design of the pipe can be tailored to include:

  • Custom corrosion liner lamination sequence depending on the severity of service
  • Specific resins in corrosion liner and structural layer depending on the customer’s requirements
  • Custom exterior layer
  • Abrasion resistant liner as required


  • Joints are as strong as the pipe or fitting
  • Joints are less effected by corrosion than other methods
  • Monolithic piping systems are produced
  • Piping systems are less prone to shock/hammer due to stronger joints
  • Bond of the joint less prone to corrosion than a glue line

FRP Underground Pipe

FRP SYSTEMS offers a wide selection of underground process/effluent/sewer pipe. Pipe is connected with the standard butt and strap joint or with the close tolerance bell and spigot joint complete with o-rings. Pipe is generally of filament wound construction with stiffeners integrally wound on to the pipe wall. Underground pipe can be designed to withstand any type of service condition or loading. Many maintenance free installations are in service.


  • Lightweight: minimizes equipment and labour costs
  • No electrolytic or galvanic corrosion
  • Extremely smooth interior, permits the use of lower slopes and sometimes smaller bore
  • Longer life expectancy than other materials under the same conditions

FRP Fittings

FRP SYSTEMS offers a complete line of standard and custom made fittings. Elbows, laterals, tees, reducers, full face flanges, vanstone flanges and blanks are readily available for shipment from stock.

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